"Shogun of the Blues"

Shun and B.B.King at Star Plaza Theatre, 2005

Shun Kikuta's Biography

"Shogun of the blues"
__ Asia Wall Street Journal (Hong Kong)

" You are light (skinned) B.B.King" 


" Shun Kikuta becomes world ambassador of the blues"
__ Daily Herald (U.S.A)

" Digging into the strings of his Fender Telecaster, Shunsuke Kikuta channels the crying vibrato of B.B.King one minute and the piercing attack of Albert Collins the next"
__ Chicago Tribune (U.S.A)

"Shun Kikuta, an impressive young Japanese guitarist"
__ Living Blues (U.S.A)

"Shun Kikuta, a fine Japanese guitarist who has absorbed the classic Chicago sounds and play them with the feel and confidence."
__ Blues & Rhythm (United Kingdom)

"Shun kikuta, Some E-kanji kind of guitar blues"
__ Blues News (Perth,Australia)

 Shun is an internationally renowned musician traveling around the world entertaining audiences with his soulful, explosive, and heart-retching music. He crosses the globe including Europe, Bahamas, Central America, Asia, Oceania and Canada several times each year touring with late Koko Taylor, "The Queen of Blues", 2010 Chicago Music Awards winning band J.W.Williams & Chitown Hustlers and his own group, Shun Kikuta Band.

  Shun resides in Chicago since 1990 and he has performed and recorded with such blues, soul, R&B and jazz legends as B.B.King, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Otis Rush, Johnny and Shemekia Copeland, Bo Didley, Robert Lockwood Jr, Hubert Sumlin, James Cotton,Tyrone Davis, Willie Clayton, Brian McKnight, Dave and Louise Myers, Irma Thomas, Denise LaSalle, Marva Wright, Roy Hargrove, Mark Turner, Mark Whitfeild, Kenny Wayne Shepperd, Pinetop Perkins, Lonnie Brooks, Eddy Clearwater, Marcia Ball, Kenny Neal, Billy Branch, Dan Aykroyd (Blues Brothers) and Susan Tedeschi.

  Shun has recorded several his own albums such as "Rising Shun"(2007) and also appeared on many albums as a guitarist includes Koko Taylor's Grammy Awards nominated "Old School (Alligator Records, 2007)".

  Shun has appeared on many TV shows and news including PBS "An evening with B.B.King"(2003) as a band leader and performed with Mr.King. After this session Mr. King called Shun as "Light (skin colored) B.B.King". Shun also appeared on Kennedy Center Honors(2008) to honor Morgan Freeman performing with Koko Taylor, Pinetop Perkins, Honeyboy Edwards and Willie "Big Eye" Smith.

  Shun also appeared on "Father and Sons", a part of the seven series of "THE BLUES" movie directed by Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood and 5 other directors.

  Shun was on the cover and featured musician of BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE Dec 29th 2011 issue. His latest interview with Chefjimi Patricola was also published on this issue.




”Shogun of the blues (藍調將軍)”
ー Clint Eastwoodー
(於2008年Kennedy Center Honors)

1990年柏克萊音樂學院Professional Music學系畢業。
1995年後陸續發表『They call me Shun』、『Chicago Midnight』、『Live and Kickin’』、『HEART AND SOUL』、『Rising Shun』等5張專輯,另外也參與7張專輯的製作。
2008年以參與獲得葛萊美獎的Koko Taylo『Old School』為首,也以吉他手身分參加許多專輯製作。

他跟藍調女王Koko Taylor與Junior Wells、James Cotton、Charlie Masselwhite、J.W.Williams等代表藍調界的重量級音樂家一同巡迴北美、中南美、歐洲、大洋洲、亞洲,在世界各國進行巡迴,也在各國 的節慶嘉年華與LIVE HOUSE演出。共同演出的主要有B.B.King、Buddy Guy、Bo Didley、Brian McNight、Roy Hargrove、Kenny Wayne Sheppard等多位音樂人。

2003年,於”藍調國王” B.B.King的電視節目”An Evening with B.B.King”中被選為樂團團長與B.B共同演出,在全美播放。
2008年於美國總統George Bush面前在Kennedy Center Honors表演。由演員
Clint Eastwood來介紹”Shogun of the blues"。另外也參與紀錄片、連續劇、新聞等許多電視演出。
而且也參與演出紀念藍調誕生100年的電影”The BLUES”。
2011年,以J.W.Williams & Chitown Hustlers成員的身分於Chicago Music Awards獲獎。

日本的Rittor Music發售了「Chicago Blues」「R&B吉他的常用指法」「藍調吉他的常用技巧」3種教學DVD,與「藍調‧吉他‧即興‧演奏」「藍調‧吉他‧即興‧演奏Rー傳說再臨ー」2 種教學出版物,在美國也發行教學DVD「Chicago Blues Guitar」。

而關於台灣,從2005年開始每年來台,出演”BLUES BASH ”台灣藍調音樂節之外,也於Riverside(河岸留言)、Capone’s(台北)、89K(台中)、Room335(台南)、Living Room(高雄)等LIVE HOUSE巡迴表演,並持續舉辦WORKSHOP與吉他課程。

俊介的 interview on 破報 2012. http://pots.tw/node/10293


" My fingers play music, but my "Heart & Soul" plays the blues" - Shun


w/ Koko Taylor

w/ B.B.King

w/ Otis Clay

w/ Gary Newell and Robert Cray

w/ James Cotton

w/ Irma Thomas

w/ John Mayall and Otis Rush

w/ Buddy Guy
w/ Jimmie Vaughan
w/ B.B. King
w/ Taj Mahal
w/ Lurrie Bell
Photos by Corey, Kenji Oda, Masaki Rush, Dusty and Mitsuko Todoroki