In 1995, They Call Me Shun with Otis Rush

 In 1995, King released Shun’s first leader album “THEY CALL ME SHUN” and the highly respected Otis Rush participated as a guest with Junior Wells. It became a big topic among the blues fans.

 “For blues musicians, Otis is like Everest. It’s an honor to have him as a guest on the album, and I’m grateful to Mr. and Mrs Rush for being kind both publicly and privately. When my second daughter was born, the couple gave her a middle name, Loren. I still remember Otis encouraging me to do my best. “


1995年にはキングから初のリーダーアルバム「THEY CALL ME SHUN」が発売になり、大尊敬するオーティス・ラッシュがジュニア・ウェルズとともにゲスト参加。大きな話題になる。


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